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Fan blog dedicated to the ever amazing musical theatre actress Sierra Boggess! If you want credit, a photo removed, or anything else, feel free to leave a message.

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Scrap Irony: Irreverent Illustrated Cultural Commentary by Edward Gorey circa 1961
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The cast in the upcoming Ever After: The Musical SO FAR


  • Jeremy Jordan
  • Sierra Boggess
  • Terrence Mann






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Sierra and Summer Boggess, onstage at the Majestic Theatre, have been making beautiful music together for years.
For the 25th anniversary of “The Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway, Sierra Boggess, late of “The Little Mermaid,” has come aboard through March 2 as the Phantom’s beloved Christine Daaé. Accompanying her — down in the orchestra pit, on the cello — is her sister Summer.
In any event, they say, playing Broadway together is a dream.
Backstage at the Majestic Theatre the other day, the sisters — Sierra’s 30, Summer, 32 — have the easy rapport of, well, sisters who shared a bedroom. Growing up, they took lessons in everything — piano, chorale, flute, cello and ice-skating — but since they were two years apart, they say, there was never any sibling rivalry.
Enter “Phantom.” The touring company came to Denver, and their father surprised their mother with tickets. They brought home the cassette tape for the kids — “So we knew the soundtrack inside and out!” Summer says.
The sisters are terrific together, says Hugh Panaro, who’s played the Phantom to more than a dozen of leading ladies. “I really think Sierra’s the perfect Christine. Beautiful, gifted, fearless!” he says. And “Summer always looks into my [dressing] room. ‘OK, throw my sister around,’ she said the last time. ‘Just don’t hurt her!’ ”

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@sierraboggess: The most delicious spring day in Jersey with @gwennyh811 and Ashley Spencer http://t.co/a8mnRTIZaz 12 notesReblog

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The flawless Sierra Boggess & I after the cabaret! Many thanks to Ben, who was kind enough to gift us tickets tonight!
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“Lovely” | Sierra Boggess (Lessons in Love; April 21, 2013)

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have you seen any clips or audits from sierras cabaret?!

asked by Anonymous

no video as of yet, sorry, but i’ll keep my eyes open! however, there is a recording of the whole show in youtube!

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